About The Ottawa Hills Schools Foundation

Dear Alumni and Friends of Ottawa Hills Schools,

In 2013, we set out on a new journey to enrich our community and enhance what it means to be a Green Bear with the formation of the Ottawa Hills Schools Foundation.

Our initial campaign—the Founders’ Society Campaign—was a great success as 120 different supporters exceeded our fundraising goal by donating and pledging more than $620,000 to the work of the Foundation.

The faith and support of these partners is evidence of the Foundation’s potential to continue making the Ottawa Hills experience a unique and meaningful part of students’ lives.

We are excited to build on the momentum and enthusiasm generated by the Founders’ Society Campaign as we now begin our “March to a Million.” Our goal is to continue building the Foundation’s general fund, named the Talmage Family Fund, to ensure the long-term viability of the Ottawa Hills Schools Foundation.

Now is the time to show your commitment to tradition and excellence, to our unique school community, and to the experience it provides to our students.

What does Ottawa Hills mean to you? Will you answer that question with a gift that will help us take another step in our “March to a Million”?

Go Green Bears!

Board of Trustees

George Lathrop

Dee Talmage

Scott Estes

Erica Silk

Jackie Berenzweig
R. L. Berry
Paul Bishop
Troy Greeley
Brad Johnson
Kevin Miller
Phillip Mintun
Judd Silverman
Mark Wagoner
Andrew Westmeyer

George Lathrop

George Lathrop

Ottawa Hills Schools Foundation
Kevin S. Miller

Kevin S. Miller, Ed.D.

Ottawa Hills Schools Foundation

Foundation Mission

To permanently enhance and extend the unique experience of excellence that defines Ottawa Hills Local Schools