The Need for Support

Today, reductions in revenue are making it increasingly difficult for Ottawa Hills Local Schools to develop and sustain unique educational programming. While the district has been able to cut spending in order to maintain current offerings to date, future budget shortfalls would impact curricular and extracurricular programming.

But why is funding at such a critical point for our district after decades of strong support from levies and property taxes? Consider the following key factors:

bullet 1

Decreasing property values have undervalued the last two levies (passed in 2010 and 2013) by half. The levies were anticipated to contribute about $2.29 million total to the district budget but actually provide just $1.11 million.

bullet 2

From 2005 to 2015, state funding for the district increased by less than 1% per year, not enough to keep pace with inflation.

bullet 3

Historically-low interest rates have decreased district investment revenue by almost $400,000 per year.

The Solution: Raise Private Funds to Secure the Ottawa Hills Experience

Ottawa Hills Local Schools has maintained educational excellence thanks to years of generous financial support from the community. Due to the changing economic environment, we have to look to new ways of supporting our schools.

That is why we created the Ottawa Hills Schools Foundation. The Foundation is the embodiment of our long-term strategy, focused on supplementing traditional (and decreasing) sources of revenue with private dollars raised and distributed through continued community support.

Ultimately, the foundation will provide depth and permanence to preserve the Ottawa Hills experience for generations of students to come.